Rejoice the Winter Solstice

Rejoice!  The Winter Solstice.

The day began with a cup of chai.  Then lunch at a little French bistro with  family I haven’t seen in months.  Warm holiday feelings. Chocolate.  Baking.  My Mother’s Boots.

There are some fruit flies pinging around in this house, although the ripe bananas are long gone…..I wonder where they are coming from?  They make me think of spring – it’s only three months away!

The Christmas lights twinkle on the miniature fake tree. I forgot to put the grapevine wreath on the door this year, but the prayer flags on the porch are festive in their own way and will suffice  – with prayers, and peace.

Now here I am, cozy in my fuzzy leopard print pajamas.  No parties for me on the longest night of the year.  I love my bed.

From here, the days will be getting longer again.

winter solstice2jpg~Happy Solstice!~

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3 Responses to Rejoice the Winter Solstice

  1. annieb523 says:

    It went up to 84 degrees yesterday – a beautiful day. I like watching your snowfall – it is just the right amount of snow for me. I linked out to your Mother’s Boots – and it made me cry. I am not sure I saw it the first time around – looking at the date makes me think I might have been too numb to register it at the time. I thank you for the bittersweet story that rang so true.

    Mom gave me a beautiful set of sheets one anniversary – I wanted navy blue sheets. She thought it was a nutty request but sent me a gorgeous set of Ralph Lauren sheets that felt like silk. I used them exclusively – washing the set and putting them right back on. A few days ago I discovered a rip in the bottom sheet – and as I pulled it off the bed for the last time I wept hysterically. I know – it’s a SHEET. I put down a different fitted sheet, but am still using the top and cases because I can’t let them go.

    It is comforting to know that you understand me.


    • daeja's view says:

      I have a set of cotton butterfly print sheets that my mother gave me over thirty years ago. She gave me two identical sets and I re-gifted one to my sister-in-law. I wish I had them now. The bottom sheet eventually ripped and fell apart and I wept too. I am also still using the top sheet and the cases. It’s not just a SHEET. I totally get it. Totally.


      • annieb523 says:

        My (step)Dad sent me a check for Christmas – it arrived a few days after the rip. I am going to buy some Ralph Lauren navy blue sheets – if I can find them – and tell myself that they are from Mom too. Maybe I should buy an extra fitted sheet….

        Thank you for getting it. It was an awful day for me.


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