Just One Small Thing

The past couple of weeks seem to be especially dragging, both in a physical and emotional way.  They could be connected to each other.  Those pinpoints of notable stress and probably a little bit of the winter blues hanging around have cast their shadow.  Subsequently, when I awoke Saturday morning, I was just not inclined to move from the bed.  As if drugged, I lay there and imagined myself grounded by some terrific force of gravity from some other planet that I must have landed on – but it was only the density of the memory foam mattress holding me fast (see Soporific).

Immovable, and having the delicious realization that, aside from the usual weekend catch-up chores, there were absolutely no immediate obligations, I decided to indulge in a little reading.  Propping up some pillows, I reached for this month’s issue of The Sun and the previous night’s glass of water on the bedside table…….but the glass was gone.  In its place I discovered that the Significant Other had left a hot cup of sweet Masala Chai waiting for me to awaken to.

Now it’s no secret that many, many people are familiar with the experience of someone bringing them a cup of java in the morning, but I am not much of a coffee drinker and that ritual has never been part of my reality.  Given that, I cannot tell you how totally wonderful that small yet considerate act made me feel.   It was a seriously sweet start to the day.  Just a cup of chai, and yet I felt acknowledged.  I felt cared about.  I felt remembered.  I sipped my chai and luxuriated in the morning,  then  carried that feeling with me throughout the day.  It’s amazing what a little bit of kindness and recognition can do.

In acknowledgment of the power of benevolence and thoughtfulness, for the Friday post I would like to propose that everybody do one small kindness for another this weekend. Call your eighty-five year old grandmother or aunt.  Send a “hello” postcard.  Make someone breakfast.  Help your neighbor push his car out of the snow.  Tell someone you love them. Brighten someone’s day. They don’t even have to know what you did, just do it.  Just one small thing.

~ Pass it on ~

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2 Responses to Just One Small Thing

  1. Karen says:

    done. that is a very sweet way to start the day…I am imagining


  2. crisp says:

    “Yay” for the Sig. O.!


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