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The Teal Gown

My oldest daughter, the Conventional Daughter, planned a Conventional Wedding.  It was not an outrageously extravagant wedding by some wedding standards, but it did included a wedding gown from a bridal salon, bridesmaids in matching sateen dresses, a caterer, candles … Continue reading

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Imposed Stillness

This morning I drove a little over an hour to get to the closest Major Medical Center in order to have an MRI done.  I arrived about a half hour before my scheduled appointment as instructed in order to fill … Continue reading

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The three things that struck me right away about Williamsburg, Brooklyn: 1)  almost everyone on the street seems to be in their twenties to early forties 2) there is an incredibly high proportion of pet dogs of every size and … Continue reading

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A Triangle of Lights in the Sky

The same way I am beginning to forget a lot of things these days, this one totally exited my memory…… until last night, and now I can’t shake it. During the 1980’s and early 90’s we lived in an area … Continue reading

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