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Nothing But Rice

In the scheme of life, just a small disappointment here today. Today I had lunch at a little restaurant near the workplace that serves a fusion of Thai, Cambodian, Chinese and American food.  I think it mostly caters to college students.  The people who … Continue reading

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A Sewing Table Tale

On Day Four of The Pack Rat Project I decided the next thing to tackle was cleaning out the drawer in my sewing table and picking up the junk which has accumulated on the floor.  This seemed like it would be a simple, non-threatening task, … Continue reading

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The Pack Rat Project – Day 3

Day Three was a biggie. I tackled the bathroom. This included four drawers in the vanity and two medicine cabinets (essentially his and hers) and also the area around the stacker washer and dryer.  Day Three is where I hit a bit of a … Continue reading

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Nesting (or Addressing the Pack Rat)

Suddenly a strange, panicky feeling has invaded my being. Like the birds gathering to fly south or the squirrels frantically running around storing nuts for the winter, a great force of nature seems to be overtaking every fiber, readying the nest for winter.  Part of this could … Continue reading

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The Sedum Project

I make a visit to the grave about twice a year.  As expected, the cemetery is a quiet, green place that sits below open skies and shaded lanes lined with old trees.  Officially, two grandparents and my mother now rest there. Unofficially, my … Continue reading

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I Am The Carrot Woman

In an attempt to take the edge off the raw hunger that start at about 9:30am (despite breakfast) and continues throughout the day (despite lunch), and in keeping with the Famous Weight Loss Plan I am paying for, which has … Continue reading

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