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Enlightenment For the Rich

Since the new year, and especially during the long winter months, I find myself pouring over catalogs with a focus on how I imagine my new life is going to be when I make all these changes.  Every year I … Continue reading

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Hiding the Patchouli

Hiding The Patchouli. It almost sounds like some dirty party game, doesn’t it? (but it’s not). My daughter and her husband are planning on coming for a visit with the baby, weather permitting, so I am making a point of … Continue reading

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One Redeeming Feature

I made this discovery only because we are experiencing some feisty weather around here this winter.  A couple of days ago it was -14 degrees Farenheit here.  That little dash is not a typo, it’s a minus; that is fourteen degrees … Continue reading

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A Little Piece of Sun

A friend gave me some Paperwhite bulbs (Narcissus papyraceus for you botanical types) for Christmas. For those who might be unfamiliar, you force the bulbs in a pot indoors with the idea that they will bloom in the winter and … Continue reading

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These Lovely Boots

Every time I would visit my mother, she would dig the boots out of the back of her hall closet and urge me to take them.  As the story went, Aunt Rose, who had expensive taste in clothing and often … Continue reading

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Saint Joe, On His Head

For a brief period of time, I owned my own home, but there came a point when I could not afford the expenses alone anymore and I had to let it go.  One of the kids had gone off to … Continue reading

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Little Brown Bat

A friend just emailed me about finding a bat in her house, which set me off on a discourse about my bat-in-the-house experiences, so I figured I would write it out here. I have lived in about two dozen places … Continue reading

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Tomato Face

I didn’t realize until I was about twelve years old that not everyone got “Tomato Face”.  I only figured it out at that point because when you hit that age, everything becomes Painfully Evident and you suddenly notice everything about … Continue reading

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The last time (which was also the first time) I had a new bed, I was living with my fiancé, who complained bitterly about how soft and lumpy our mattress was.  The too-soft mattress he was complaining about was at least … Continue reading

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The tree in the backyard on the property line between us and our neighbor towers over all the others and has some serious girth to it.  It looks kind of like a locust but not quite a locust.  All summer … Continue reading

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Ornaments of the Heart

December 31, 2010 It’s the first holiday in decades where we did not celebrate at home and the first year I have had to alternate the holiday, since my daughter has gotten married and has informed me that the rules … Continue reading

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