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Some Updates for Those Who Are So Inclined

Just sitting here at the moment, sipping some refreshingly iced mint tea made with fresh mint from the garden.  That, and a secret stash of Mexican chocolate laced with cinnamon.   Momentary slice of bliss.  As the month of July winds down, … Continue reading

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I Can Make Poison Arrows Now

Repotting a cactus is something I have been avoiding for a long time…..many, many years actually.  All  of them are bursting out of their containers, but the thought of handling them has triggered an automatic aversion. The potting soil and new pots have … Continue reading

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Eating Phlox

Digging into the earth between the patio stones with a stick, there is a little girl in a sun-suit crouched on the ground on a blue summer morning; a morning with a tinge of humidity in the air and one which promises to … Continue reading

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The Art of Recuperation

A few days ago I had cubital tunnel surgery on my arm to free the nerve which was crushed and affecting the muscles in my hand.  It is something that has progressively been getting worse over time – something which I have … Continue reading

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It’s Fig Season and I’m In Love

Fresh figs are in season at the moment and I am in love. I have been loading up on them because their availability will be limited.  Their appearance is as exciting as the blooming of a garden flower that is fleetingly here and gone. … Continue reading

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Buck and the Turtle (or yet another bum rap for the oldest)

On a recent excursion with a couple of my siblings, the conversation turned, as it often does, to our childhood, with its spectrum of both sweet and bitter memories. And as sometimes happens during these conversations, I had to hear, with … Continue reading

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More Garden Fireworks for July

Monarda bursting in the air…. The best Hosta blooms ever this year…… Echinacea like skyrockets……… Trumpet Flowers trumpeting on the vine…….. Gooseneck Loosestrife tumbling forth…………….. Purple Bindweed pulses with color………… July garden, in concert…………

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Garden Fireworks

The July garden comes forth with its own fireworks of texture and deep, vibrant color.

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From a Bench on Main Street

I am distracted today as I prepare for the weekend ahead, so I don’t have much to say today, but there is an image that keeps popping up in my head. A few weeks ago I had been walking down … Continue reading

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