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Bad news today for all you connoisseurs of that little armored road possum of the south, the armadillo.   According to the latest findings, something like fifteen percent of armadillos carry leprosy, and one-third of the cases of the disease in this country appear to be caused … Continue reading

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Never Mind – I’ll Tell You Later

The group is bantering witticisms back and forth and raucous laughter ensues.  I am standing among them, nodding and smiling, and my brain is working hard and at double time.  I am trying to string together the words I missed with … Continue reading

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This Earth Day marks the 12th anniversary of my mother’s death.  A day filled with golden daffodils, warm soil, the haze of soft greening and points of pastel color just emerging – much like an Impressionist painting – essentially the same as it was on the day she left us years … Continue reading

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In the misty pre-dawn haze of a Saturday morning I awoke to an urgent voice that appeared to be vocalizing right near my head.  “Betty-Anne!”  In that surreal aura that surrounds you when someone shouts you out of a dead sleep, I shot … Continue reading

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Door Number Three

After spending the day exploring the Spice Market and touring around in the Sultanahmet district, it finally got to the point where I seriously had to pee, and very soon, so the search for a bathroom began in earnest.  In the middle … Continue reading

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Medusa Scary

It is with a great, disheartening sigh that I have just seen a number of recent photos of myself.  After such rude and irrefutable proof, there followed the panicked realization that I have let my hair go for waaaaay too long without a hair cut … Continue reading

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Yesterday was an overly warm spring day, one of those flukes where it got up to eighty degrees when temps are normally in the fifties.  Things are just starting to blossom and bud around here; it’s been a slow start.   A few … Continue reading

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Resisting the Social Network (is that you in that photo?)

It was through my then fourteen year old that I first became aware of online social networks and blogs like Live Journal and MySpace, where it seemed kids were regurgitating the minutiae of their lives ad nauseum and flaunting their bootie for the … Continue reading

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A friend of mine who has travelled the world and has made her life in a foreign country once shared a word in the German language which describes the yearning for travel which we both share. She told me I have “fernweh”, which roughly translates … Continue reading

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