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From The Witch’s Garden

OK, I just love Hellebore.  I love that it blooms so early.  I love how the five petals (or “sepals”, actually) hold on for so long. I love the seed pods they make later on in the summer. I love … Continue reading

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“Like A Sweet Magnolia Tree…..”

Came upon this Magnolia tree yesterday.  These prehistoric beauties – fossils have been found dating back 20 million years (how cool is that!!?) –  are opening their gorgeous petals right now.   Supposedly back in those primitive times, before the bees, … Continue reading

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Excuses, Excuses…It’s Just Too Nice To Stay Inside….

OK, I admit I have been terrible regarding my blog lately.  I became distracted and wrapped up in other events and lost my discipline…..very bad for writing, because in order to write you need to Write.   But this early Spring … Continue reading

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Sail Away

I came across this magical photo and decided to share it in my Sunday post.  It is called “Narcissism” by Cynthia Decker.  The crow is gazing at his own reflection. The dreamlike composition evokes all sorts of desires.   It is … Continue reading

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