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You know that story about the Princess and the Pea…….well, I have my own version now.  I just spent the weekend at a sweet first birthday celebration for a sweet grandbaby, which included spending two nights in a clean but somewhat worn beach motel of significant cost (about … Continue reading

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The Summer Solstice Garden

Because I have been out and about on an adventure of sorts (to share down the road), I am just going to update my blog today with what is going on in my garden on this, the Summer Solstice. Primrose … Continue reading

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Sixty-one Things

Much in the same way I compiled a list of those things my mother had taught us, as Father’s Day comes around, the thoughts and reflections of Dad are strong. Those quirks and qualities, the small observances, have now become … Continue reading

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Things Left Behind

The horse barn behind the house, long unused, contained six stalls and a hay loft. The floor of the barn was covered about two and a half feet deep in old horse manure, some of it probably one-hundred years old. … Continue reading

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One of our exceptionally sweet coworkers has been out for the better part of the last two months on a serious medical leave. She is finally returning tomorrow, and everyone is anticipating her return.  While she was gone, she asked staff to … Continue reading

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Eye Candy

The irises are pretty much blown by and gone here.  Last week, my friend and I managed to make a long trek to Montclair, New Jersey to visit the Presby Memorial Iris Gardens, which sits at the bottom of Mountainside Park.   The day … Continue reading

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Bottle People

No sooner do we put the trash and recyclables out, and there they are – The Bottle People, picking through the bins. I can put the garbage at the curb, go in the house and walk out ten minutes later, only … Continue reading

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Reminds Me Of…..

OK, I know, I know,……I realize I have been putting up a number of botanical type posts lately, but I just can’t help it.  After being inundated by relentless, ongoing days of rain, we have just been hit with a couple that would … Continue reading

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What’s That Smell?

It was June, the very end of the school year.  I was taking the kids to the bus stop that morning and upon opening the front door, a waft of perfumed air drifted by me.  It was such a beautiful scent that for a … Continue reading

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