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A Matter of Interpretation

As someone who writes essays and blog posts, you would think that there would be a corresponding adeptness to creating written correspondence that would clearly translate my thoughts to the recipient.  It is not as if I am writing in … Continue reading

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Have you ever just wanted to transport yourself someplace else?  To just escape for a moment, transport yourself right out of your shoes and into another picture, another moment in time…..right now, this minute, just for the day? There are … Continue reading

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The P.I.A.

I could get into the details, but the short version is that a shoulder that has been sore for months suddenly exploded into nauseating pain radiating from my shoulder to my elbow. Anything that is “radiating” on the body doesn’t … Continue reading

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What I Found While Walking in the Woods Today….

Took a break today and walked along some winding back roads bordered by deep woods, which then led out to a highway.  During this short journey, I came across these items and wondered about their story. A dead bird lying … Continue reading

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The January Bitch

Whew….. that was the crankiest of months, very glad that one is over. My rough January seemed to be set off surrounding the rescue of a spider….sort of. While having a conversation with my boss in the hallway, we simultaneously … Continue reading

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Pink Skid Marks

The current exposé of the Susan G. Komen Foundation following their defunding of Planned Parenthood has created a feeling of helplessness and enragement that I have not experienced in decades.  While formulating in my head how to address this in … Continue reading

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