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The Saluki in the Floor

The phone call from the Middle East at six in the morning came as sort of a surprise. “Your puppy was just born, come and get her” prefaced the details of an invitation to leave the United States and reunite … Continue reading

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Not quite past January and it has been so weirdly warm, an encouragement to lean so far towards the specter of Spring that I am ready to fall over.  While going through my files to locate a photo that might … Continue reading

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Appliance Decor

We have a stacker washing machine in the bathroom upstairs, one of those top-loaders with the dryer that is actually attached to it and hangs over the top.  It fits in a narrow area that used to be a closet.  … Continue reading

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Day at the Museum

Today I just feel like sharing a photo I took in the exhibit on Islamic Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  The exhibit as described – “Fifteen galleries grouped by geographic region trace the course of Islamic civilization from … Continue reading

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My Best Snake Story

It appears I am building an unintended repertoire of Close Encounters With Wildlife stories.  I have been asked by someone to share “the one about the snake”, and so I give it to you here.  This particular vignette occurred in … Continue reading

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Sorry to have not posted this past week.  Between work and a few adventures there hasn’t been time to sit down and pour out any thoughts.  The most notable issue going on at this very moment is that I have … Continue reading

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Updates for Those Who Follow

The last update was about five months ago.  Here are some rundowns and recapitulations and their references, for those who follow and might be wondering what ever became of….. Big news about Amoebas in your brain! This involves the neti … Continue reading

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Same Time Next Year

For about the last seventeen years or so, my family and I have been invited to a New Year’s Day brunch at the home of a wonderful couple.  They tend to invite a core of their same friends year after … Continue reading

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Out With A Bang, In With A Smash

Those of you who may have read The Shards of Our Lives earlier this year here may recall my bull-in-a-china-shop Significant Other and his propensity for breakage. New Year’s Eve – the ever familiar crash and “Oh, shit!”  It was … Continue reading

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A Nice Start

The Clivia bloomed.

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