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The Hippie Haj

I have a really bad attitude when it comes to the commercialization of those things which represent “my” generation, which is that of The Boomer.  Most specifically, I gag at all this glorifying of the “Woodstock era” – the life and times … Continue reading

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Another “You’ve Got To Be Kidding” Award

As far as I am concerned, this little vignette ranks right up there on the “You’ve Got To Be Kidding” list.  I just have to share. In the office where Daughter #2 is employed, there is a woman – actually the assistant … Continue reading

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The Shoe Extortionist

I am being threatened by someone over a pair of shoes.  It started innocently enough. It is important to first state that I have come to realize I am a shoe-a-holic. It is hard for me to digest, as I have always looked … Continue reading

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No Rose-colored Glasses For Me

Two years ago I noticed things were starting to look a little fuzzy, especially in one eye. When speaking to someone sitting in front of a window or back-lit in silhouette, I could not see their face for the white … Continue reading

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words never spoken

walking through the city I saw the young girls with bodies all silk from underthings to eyebrows legs shaven heels pumiced nails glossed hair lacquered thighs taut eyes clear glad-breasted tittering girls and I wondered how even for an hour … Continue reading

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