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The Shards of Our Lives

The Significant Other is like a bull in a china shop. That is the image that usually goes through my mind when I take a dish out of the kitchen cabinet and see the condition of it. My dishes, which … Continue reading

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To Market

Today was the opening day of the season for our local Farmer’s Market, which is one of the nicer perks of living in a small city.  Even though it is early for some of the produce, we grabbed our little eco-friendly shopping bags and walked … Continue reading

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The Suicide Squirrel

Driving down the shade-dappled road with the sun sparkling through the leaves on a brilliant morning, singing with the radio, and out of the corner of my eye I saw it coming.  It ran in front of the car and suddenly froze in … Continue reading

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The Rain Garden

Looks like it’s going to be yet another week of rain, or at the very least, “percent-chance-of-rain”.  Thirty percent chance of or forty percent chance of is still pretty good odds, at least around these parts.  Everything is lush and verdant.  … Continue reading

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Thoughts on a Chicken

Traffic was moderate and moving steadily yesterday on the two lane road that is the middle leg of my commute home from work, when I spied a chicken on the edge of the northbound lane, waiting to cross the road.  I looked again to make … Continue reading

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Would You Like Some Mice With That?

Yesterday my friend discovered a stunned little mouse lying out in the parking lot of the condominium where she lives.  What had happened to it is a mystery, but I speculate that perhaps a cat had been playing with it, as … Continue reading

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A few years ago I discovered this seriously cool looking plant growing at the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, B.C.  It was a vine-like plant growing on a fence with fringed flowers that I can only describe as psychedelic space eyes.  … Continue reading

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The Morning Smoothie

I have a Sears Countercraft blender, probably circa late 1970’s, color Harvest Gold.  I hadn’t seen it for a while though, as it got lost in the bottom cabinet that contains the large rotating lazy susan that is overstuffed with items, wobbles and doesn’t go around … Continue reading

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Skinny Girl

I was always the skinny girl.  Not the long, lithe, willowy model skinny girl, but the gawkishly thin, angular, hollow-eyed skinny girl.  A skinny girl in school who looked like an X-ray…….with knobby knees, tiny bones, all feet and nose and elbows and spine.  The … Continue reading

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What’s Up With the Strawberries?

What’s up with the strawberries lately?  Has anyone else noticed these mega-giant, shiny uber-red  strawberries that have been appearing for sale in the supermarket?  The last few containers I bought seem to be filled with behemoths.  I have been marveling over the … Continue reading

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Feeling intoxicated by the scent of Lilac, Allysum and Lily of the Valley that  perfume the garden.  Sweet spring……

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It has been an adjustment getting used to living in a small city, with neighbors dwelling very close by.  Most of the homes on our street, built in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s,  have weathered, stockade fences between them.  However, this house came equipped … Continue reading

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100 Things

Even though I am a mother, and even now the mother of a mother, each year when the Mother’s Day holiday comes around, instead of celebrating my mother status, I find myself mostly reflecting on memories of my own mom. There are those … Continue reading

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Just Married

My car sat parked out in the driveway beneath the crabapple tree overnight.  When I went out to it the following morning, the blue car was totally covered in bright pink petals.  Actually plastered in pink. It was enough to cause me … Continue reading

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Ok, it looks like I am actually going to recant something I said earlier about hardly ever winning anything, because I actually just won something of significant value.  Almost every year for the past fifteen years I have attended a work … Continue reading

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  During this time of renewal, it is as if we, too,  are uncurling from the winter darkness and reaching towards the light.  It is exciting and joyful to be amidst the awakening garden.   

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