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Hit and Run

Finding out someone has hit your car and taken off is an upsetting and enraging experience.  A couple of weeks ago, my daughter called to tell me that she came out of work to find that someone had hit the … Continue reading

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She came walking into the Yoga I class tonight leading with her chest, the small of her back slightly arched, wearing a teeny tiny yoga tank top and perfectly fitting yoga pants clinging to her tight little yoga butt.  Even though there was plenty … Continue reading

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Dinner Club for the Anti-Socialites

Adjusting from a rural/exurb environment to a small city has been a very big head realignment for me.  There are many things I have had trouble embracing about relocating into the House of the Significant Other, but the one thing this urban scene has going for it … Continue reading

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Radical Reversal

The parallel lines between my eyebrows appear to have deepened into a permanent number eleven, giving me a perpetual look of worry, concern or anger that I do not necessarily feel inside.  I scrutinize these changes in the mirror with surprise and … Continue reading

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Where Did the Weekend Go?

I’m writing this post while eating lilac-colored chocolate covered sunflower seeds and waiting for the next episode of a series I watch once a week on television.  I should probably turn on the set and try to figure out which station it is … Continue reading

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Black Thumb

There are two different cactus plants, two spider plants and an Air Fern “growing” in my office.  The cacti are crammed into pots that are pathetically undersized. They are also missing most of their soil because they have been knocked … Continue reading

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I decided I was going to go to a yoga class after work tonight. It was only the second time I was going to this particular venue.   Of course, fifteen minutes before it was time to leave work,  I got held up … Continue reading

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O Neti Neti

During the course of a nasty sinus headache a few winters ago, a nurse that I worked with suggested I try using a Neti Pot. I had never heard of one, so she launched into an extremely animated explanation, mimicking … Continue reading

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Just One Small Thing

The past couple of weeks seem to be especially dragging, both in a physical and emotional way.  They could be connected to each other.  Those pinpoints of notable stress and probably a little bit of the winter blues hanging around … Continue reading

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The Febs

The Febs We have officially slipped into February, the groundhog is a wimp, and I think I am coming down with a case of “The Febs”.  It was in the middle of one of those endless winters a number of years ago that I … Continue reading

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