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Just In Case

Travel afar is imminent and suddenly I have become totally dysfunctional.   Once upon a time I threw a few scant items in a backpack a few hours before leaving and travelled to the other side of the world with open-ended plans.  Why can’t I do that now? … Continue reading

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Aftershock and Perspective

In the wake of such disaster as has occurred and continues to occur in Japan, most other issues suddenly become less significant and actually trite by comparison.  The physical shock that has radiated out from Sendai and beyond also translates into … Continue reading

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Hairbrush Diva

There is a woman in a Subaru at the traffic light. Bill Wyman’s bass from the RollingStones “Gimme Shelter” is booming through the speakers and she is singing Merry Clayton’s legendary screaming harmony to Mick Jagger at the top of her lungs, oblivious of anyone who might … Continue reading

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I ventured out to the mall the other night in search of a purse with lots of compartments and zippers so you can find all your stuff easily.  Of course, I got side-tracked and ended up on a fruitless quest for some of those … Continue reading

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The Color of Angels

The interior of funeral homes generally look tacky to me.  I have yet to experience one that is totally tasteful (in my opinion), although I will say one of the wakes I attended last week was in a lovely old … Continue reading

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Caller Number Three

On my commute to and from work I sometimes call into radio contests trying to win tickets to concerts and events.  I have my Blue Tooth on and if there is something that interests me, I make a call. “Trying” is the … Continue reading

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Two Wakes and a Birthday Party

Two wakes and a birthday party in one week.  It’s enough to really give you pause for thought.  One woman was the mother of a co-worker.  The other one was a neighbor, not much older than I am now.  A … Continue reading

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