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A Brief Tour of This Saturday’s Market

This Saturday I met a friend for iced chai and a cheddar/chive muffin, and then took a stroll down the street to our local Farmer’s Market.  As always, the beauty of the harvest made my pulse quicken.  For those who … Continue reading

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Hudah Moths

There was a time we had a long-term house guest named Hudah (pronounced Hoo-da) – a nickname, but the only name I have ever called him by.  He was fastidious about his health, exercising regularly, consumed natural grains and vitamins.  … Continue reading

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I Was Just Singing…..

I was driving north, singing with the car radio and wearing my new funky red & white printed giraffe pattern sunglasses. It had been a pretty good weekend, resulting in the Monday morning commute being a lot less somber than … Continue reading

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OK, maybe the Feeling of Displacement has something to do with it and maybe it’s not that either.  I think most of us have done a couple of space-out things like getting dressed in the low light of morning and … Continue reading

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Our office building caught fire.  While we were in it. It seems events leading up to the moment of ignition had been occurring for a few hours, as there had been an electric-like odor in the copy room that morning.  … Continue reading

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