Nothing But Rice

In the scheme of life, just a small disappointment here today.

Today I had lunch at a little restaurant near the workplace that serves a fusion of Thai, Cambodian, Chinese and American food.  I think it mostly caters to college students.  The people who own it are extremely nice and the food is always fresh and good.  I ordered Eggplant with Tofu and Basil, which is made with lots fresh ginger, served with rice on the side, and happens to be incredibly tasty.  I have had it before and was looking forward to it again. However, they regretfully informed me that they had run out of tofu. To compensate, they offered to throw in extra eggplant, which was just fine.  I had a Matcha Green Bubble Tea with it (which I am addicted to, ever had Bubble Tea?).  It was a satisfying lunch.

There was plenty left over and since it was so delicious I decided to take it home for the S.O. to enjoy, also saving me the trouble of having to cook dinner later on.  By the time I got home tonight, I was especially glad to have this as I really wasn’t in the mood for cooking anything – just too tired.

When the S.O. came home, he made a comment about whether I had any plans to make some food.  Knowing this was going to go over pretty well, I took it out of the refrigerator to heat it up, opened the carton….and discovered it was packed to the top with white rice….. and nothing else.

Just white rice.  No tasty Eggplant (Minus Tofu) with Basil.


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