Out With A Bang, In With A Smash

Those of you who may have read The Shards of Our Lives earlier this year here may recall my bull-in-a-china-shop Significant Other and his propensity for breakage.

New Year’s Eve – the ever familiar crash and “Oh, shit!”  It was a coffee mug,  with the coffee in it.  This landed across the bedroom floor and on top of my extremely messy dresser.  A statement of sorts, to end the year with a bang.

New Year’s Day –  a high, tinkling shatter coming from the kitchen, followed by the inevitable “Oh, shit!”  This time it was the glass coffee pot to the coffee maker.  Welcome 2012!  One thing I can safely say about the S.O. is that he is consistent.

Aside from his obvious breakage problem, I wondered if perhaps the universe is trying to tell him to lighten up on the caffeine……

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3 Responses to Out With A Bang, In With A Smash

  1. karen says:



  2. annieb says:

    Poor SO – I am a certifiable klutz as well – husband-person yells at me every time – like I do it on purpose or something. Believe me – I wish there was a cure!


    • daeja's view says:

      Sorry, I don’t buy it, at least not in his case. Yes, there are accidents, we all have them from time to time, and some people do tend to be more klutzy than others – I guess that might be you….. but if a person slams things down hard or roughly, or continually leaves breakable items on the very edge of tables and counters, there is a good chance they will get bumped into, fall and break, and I truly believe this is the case here.
      Since this is such a regular event, I don’t understand what part of this he isn’t getting.
      I think one might see it as a Need For Heightened Awareness, or a clue to start Taking a Moment To Be Present. You could go farther and say on some level it’s even A Lack of Respect. That’s my take on it!


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