Sorry to have not posted this past week.  Between work and a few adventures there hasn’t been time to sit down and pour out any thoughts.  The most notable issue going on at this very moment is that I have just realized I have an addiction – I appear to have gotten hooked on those little pink and white pills known as Good & Plenty.

Normally this is something I save for long car trips, while driving to see my children out-of-state or to visit a distant friend.  I will stop for one decent size box, and with one hand on the steering wheel and the Good & Plenty box propped in my lap, the box is empty by the time I arrive in a matter of hours.

However, this time it has gotten out of hand.  I stopped for gas on the way home from work and there was that pink and white box, beckoning to me near the register…..I ate the entire box on a forty-five minute ride home from work.  By the time I arrived at my driveway, I was filled with remorse, and maybe feeling a bit nauseous.

Two days ago I was filling a script in the local pharmacy and there, again, the pink and white box called to me from the aisles.  I finished half of the box on the way to work and the second half on the way home.

It’s the combination of that sugar coating on the outside and the licorice contrast on the inside that does it for me.  I will admit I love licorice in general, and am especially a fan of Dutch drop candy – the salt licorice. I have been known to sit there and eat an entire bag of salmiak.  But right now it’s the pink & whites.

Right now, this morning, at exactly 7:30 am, I am absolutely craving Good & Plenty.  About to embark on yet another trip of a few hours, I am wondering if I should stop to pick up some more, or do I go cold turkey and break the habit now?  What does it mean when you crave licorice in the form of Good & Plenty?


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2 Responses to Binge

  1. Diane says:

    I love liquorice too…..If I get started….its over. You are making me crave it. I like bridge mix too.


  2. daeja's view says:

    So what does craving for licorice mean?


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