I Was Just Singing…..

I was driving north, singing with the car radio and wearing my new funky red & white printed giraffe pattern sunglasses. It had been a pretty good weekend, resulting in the Monday morning commute being a lot less somber than it could have been.  The cooler, crisper air at night has made for comfortable sleeping, with a hint of Autumn in the air.  The sun was shining and I felt ready to face the week.  I got into the groove of the flow of traffic and headed towards the bridge. Life was good.

Suddenly I see a large black Chevy SUV in the southbound lane, seemingly out of control. It went barreling into the grass depression in the center median, made a big dip, a wobbly U-turn and swerved onto the pavement of the northbound lane, almost hitting another car in the process.  By now I could see it in my rear view mirror and I was determined to stay as far away from this maniac as possible.  Really, where is a cop when you need one?

Behind me, so it seems.  He turned his flashing red and blue lights on.  I moved over to let him pass.  But it is me that he is after.  Me? I pull over.  Bummer.

He’s a tall, thin, somber guy with a prominent Adam’s apple and a wispy moustache.  As I handed him my information, I said “Sorry.  I was just singing.”  You know how it is, sometimes when you are singing in the car, your foot goes down a little more and you go a little faster with the music? But even with that, I know I was not going that fast.  I wondered if he had pulled the wrong person over….but I wasn’t going to say anything else.

Well, he did not smile at all. Very bad sign. As he walked back to his car to run my information through his computer, I realized I was still wearing my giraffe sunglasses.  I had thought they were rather cool when I put them on, but glancing in the rear view mirror to watch him, I caught my reflection….in this situation I suddenly morphed into looking more like a wacko. Funny how that can happen. I quickly pulled them off, alas, a bit too late.

He handed me my ticket. It was for a lot faster than I thought I was going – a lot faster than I ever go on that particular road, every single day.  In my car there are only a few lines between each ten-mile increment. It’s almost impossible to accurately gauge your speed on that dial, but I know what my usual speed is, and I know it is never this….. except that I had been singing….

He recommended I show up for traffic court….. guess I’m going.  It certainly changed the feel of the morning. Not the best way to start the week, not at all…..

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8 Responses to I Was Just Singing…..

  1. Judy says:

    Bummer. That’s what I love about my Prius, the speed is digital so very clear and in your face. Whenever I drive another car that is not digital, I end up speeding.


  2. annieb523 says:

    Next time pull the “helpless old lady” card – it always worked for me. I got a ticket for going 81 on 17M down to “obstructed view” for the danglies on my mirror. Or maybe – I was so scared the crazy driver in the other lane was going to hit me that I was trying to stay out of his way?

    Get in touch for some “helpless old lady” lessons. With those glasses you will probably need some!



  3. Patricia K Emery says:

    i cannot imagine you ever reminding anyone of a “helpless old lady” i don’t have a car – can’t afford one on social security, and don’t miss driving…i’m lucky that chicagoland is wonderful for the carless,,,i walk – sometimes more than 5 miles in a day – or take public transport…


  4. rachelle says:

    sorry. never a good feeling to get pulled over. but “helpless old lady??” don’t think that one is in you. go to court. they will downgrade it, or maybe you will be lucky and the cop won’t show.


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