The Holiday Visitors

The Holidays are upon us and the visiting has begun.  This year, along with their significant others and the grandbabes, both of my children insisted upon bringing their dogs home for Thanksgiving . It was sort of chaotic, but they are “family” and part of the package.

These two presented as quite the odd couple.  Both rescue dogs, they interacted minimally but became constant kitchen companions while I prepared meals.  They paid rapt attention to my every.  single.  move.  Such fickle adoration, they sat sharply focused. One could almost feel flattered, if you wanted to make believe leftovers had not been involved.  Anything dropped barely had time to hit the floor.


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1 Response to The Holiday Visitors

  1. diane says:

    I was really missing my old girl Penny when I was doing all the Thanksigving cooking. She was always there with me, and her absence is felt. Floors are dirtier too.


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