The Season of White Jordan Almonds

There is something about the blossoms of spring and those white Jordan Almonds. They are connected for me.


Weddings and blue sky and white, white sweetness.  That little bundle in the mesh bag, a small handful like tiny birds eggs; my mother would save them to bring home for us after a wedding reception.

The trees are blooming and so my craving, as the season for white Jordan Almonds has arrived.  And so I have indulged.


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5 Responses to The Season of White Jordan Almonds

  1. annieb523 says:

    I never really remember them as Wedding Candy – I didn’t go to that many weddings and I don’t remember my parents bringing them home. I think I remember them from movies – in pastel colors.


  2. cynthia says:

    I always enjoy your posts, as well as your photographs. Yours is one of the few blogs I can actually keep up with because you don’t post every day, therefore when you do, it’s a treat. I notice that you and another photographer friend have started using a digital watermark for copyright purposes. I need to do that.


  3. Curt B. Obrien says:

    We ordered the white jordan almonds to use in favors for my daughter’s wedding. the almonds arrived fresh,large sized, and so tasty. We must have eaten at least 3 of the 8lbs. that were ordered and enjoyed every one eaten.


  4. daeja's view says:

    I totally get that. I buy them and binge on them until I am almost sick!


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