A Two Boy Wedding

It is a few days past the wedding, and I am still awash in an almost dream-state; every once in a while welling up with emotion which brings me onto the edge of tears.

It is an honor to be a guest at any wedding, and I tend to get a bit weepy when I see two people making a major commitment. The tenderness and love that I felt at the wedding of my own beautiful first-born child, knowing she had left my nest forever to make a new one with her husband, is a feeling etched forever on my heart.

But something quite different and rather magical occurred at this particular wedding of friends over the weekend; the wedding of two wonderful, wonderful guys – yes, a two boy wedding.  The visual input of the venues alone was almost too much for the senses to process.  The emotional vibrations surrounding this event left a wrench in your chest, your heart feeling as if it was continually opening over and over again, like so many flowers within flowers within flowers.  The day was awash in rainbows and bubbles and joyful tears and so much care.  It left me gasping for words, walking around with a lump in my throat, speechless.  So many people working together so incredibly hard for so many days to pull off this event – such an outrageously beautiful, joyous, three-day party of families, extended families, friends, extended extended extended.  Lights dancing in the trees, lightening zipping through the sky, feathers and sparkles and kaleidoscopes of color and music vibrating, peals of laughter and hearts thumping wildly…… all dusted with some major magic.

Again and again I kept overhearing people saying that “This is the First Gay Wedding I have ever been to”, followed by saying it was also “The. Best. Wedding. Ever”.   The one thought that kept going through my mind was that I hope someday soon it becomes such a regular event for anyone to marry,  so much so that gay wedding” will just be referred to as a “wedding“,  so commonplace that there will be no need for a preface.  But still, beyond that, there was nothing common about this wedding on any level.

All said, this Two Boy Wedding was still the most spectacular wedding event I have ever attended, and I have been to a few Big Events in my time.  Those who hosted it truly know how to throw a party, and everybody present knew they were part of something Special.  Honestly, I have no words to adequately describe it without sounding trite, and still am unable to clearly define the jumble of emotions enough to give a solid description.  I just wanted to go around hugging everybody I saw. Seeing photos now as people start to post them is evoking feelings that have set me weeping and smiling all over again.  And those photos still just barely touch on the glowing aura of it all.

I wish this couple the very best relationship filled with love and care as they go forward. Perhaps too plain to say it so simply, but what a happy, happy day.

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