Our local nursery was having their annual Spring flower display, an early teaser, and it was raining, so I stopped there to get high.  On flowers.  I get pretty buzzed on flowers – it’s true.  Obviously  I am not the only one, as a number of people were tilting over, staring with blissed out looks on their faces, sniffing and staggering around…. clearly intoxicated.  In the background the sound of the waterfalls provided a kind of music.

I was focusing on the colors and could practically feel my pupils dilating as my brain took in the textures and juxtaposition.


The Renunculus looks like a monk’s saffron robe.  Even the name is trippy….Renunculus!


A crowd of tiny Jump-Up’s waving.  All those little faces looking up at you!  Are they scowling or are they happy? …Eeeeeeeeee!


Daffodils were trumpeting their golden trumpets!




And my favorite activity – huffing lilacs.  I could practically pass out from the scent of lilacs, couldn’t you?  Everybody was doing it.



I even saw some green fairies in the hellebore…..



When I finally pulled myself away and lurched out of there, I walked over to the koi pond and communed with the fish.  They gave me fish kisses. Fish Love.


High on flowers! A little taste to launch you into the garden season.






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5 Responses to Buzzed

  1. It was truly intoxicating


  2. annieb523 says:

    I miss lilacs – and forsythias. But I miss “huffing” lilacs something awful. I do have jasmine – two kinds actually. Husband-Person even figured out how to graft the one you can’t get anywhere and make new ones, so someday my lanai will be surrounded by them.


  3. Oh, I love flowers so much. I am so ready for Spring.

    Beautiful photography! All the vibrant colours…

    My grandmother made sure the backyard of our house growing up was filled with flowers… We always knew Spring had arrived when the first golden blossoms appeared on the forsythia bushes… Later on in the season, we would absolutely FILL the house with bouquets of purple lilac. My grandmother had many favourite flowers, but I think it is the lily-of-the-valley and pansies that she loved most, and they remind me of her greatly.

    Anyways, it is so nice to see I’m not the only one who gets high on flowers. 🙂


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