Finally, the rain has come; a steady, deep-soaking rain. The earth has been so parched. We have all been so thirsty.

When the rain began, it felt as if there was an almost audible exhalation from the trees and fields.

Last night when I took the dog out, we both stood on the sidewalk and let the delightfully heavy drizzle soak his fur and my hair. We did not feel the need to hurry inside. Today I stood outdoors conversing with a neighbor while a heavier rain fell from the sky. Neither of us mentioned that we were both getting pretty wet. We just kept talking.

Water. It felt so good.

Am I imagining it, or are the leaves and grass greening up right before my very eyes?

Can you feel the roots beneath your feet taking great gulps? The plants and animals, the gardeners and farmers, in one collective vibration sighing “Ahhhhh”…


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