The color is peaking in style this year here in the northeast. Despite skepticism that it wouldn’t happen due to the drought, Autumn is delivering with a pupil-dilating, heart-opening array of almost trippy leaf psychedelia. We are pulsing with color and emotion here.

It started a couple of weeks ago with a strange, almost magical buildup of clouds after a drenching rain. Suddenly everything was pink and gold and very Maxfield Parrish.

From there, a vibrancy seemed to emanate from everything. The paw-paws came into season for a brief window of time. Have you ever had a paw-paw? They are a glowing, shocky-green and taste a bit like custard.

the almost neon paw-paws

The photos do not do justice to the emotions brought on by the visual and aural vibrations of this season. I do not have the poetry for it. I cannot adequately grasp the words. Why does it evoke such ache and longing, and a strange yearning for the past? To walk out the door, sigh and gasp, and almost moan at the gorgeousness. Everything is ” Oh” and “wow”. Wow. Wow. Oh……..

Raindrops hover below crimson firebush leaves.

droplets on a fire bush

There are glimpses of endless blue beyond portals of gold.

through a portal of gold

The orchards are perfumed with the sweetness of ripened apples.

A Cortland apple with its own little hat

A trio of oak, maple and fir creates a lovely colorway.


Deeper in the forest, the mushrooms of autumn display their beauty – the smoky blue of black trumpets tucked amid the shady moss; the candy-corn colors of chicken-of-the-woods on a tree.

the smoky blue of black trumpets
chicken of the woods in candy-corn color

The scented air is an exotic blend of spices. The decaying leaves provide a carpet of many hues. The mountains glow.

There is a painfully delicious melancholy, a fleeting, soul-touching good-bye, as nature lets go before the sleep of winter.


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  1. Old Friend says:

    Beautifully stated and photographed


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