A Low-key Flurry

There is a low-key flurrying happening both inside and outside the house. The outside part is a steady, light, gentle, almost-mist of snow occurring right now, just enough to get you a little bit wet. It’s the first real one of the winter here, and late besides. I don’t know if there will be much accumulation; so far nothing is sticking to the road. But the trees and grass are attractively frosted. I have no place to be. Bundled up in our warm sweaters, Rudi and I just took a little walk. Now I’m sitting here with a cup of tea and watching it fall as I type.

The inside-the-house part of the flurrying refers to small efforts of activity on my part here and there. Following my previous post, Planticide, I decided to do some serious tackling of the dead/dying/miserable plant situation. Some of the larger plants that were taking up too much room in the windows, thus choking out the others, were either thinned out or given away to strangers. There was something satisfying about giving someone I didn’t know a couple of my plants and cuttings. Hopefully they will get the attention they deserve.

I “planticided” a few of the ones that seemed too far gone to want to mess with anymore. I silently thanked them for the pleasure they lent over the years. Some others were repotted in the hope that they might benefit from a little more TLC. Removing dead leaves, cutting back. Letting some dry out, giving others more water. There are still more plants in the windows than I would like, but they seem to be getting much better light and air around them. I can almost feel them saying “Ahhhh, I can finally breathe!!” The hibiscus, a birthday gift from two years ago, was so relieved that it threw me a couple of flowers in thanks.

so happy now!

Aside from sharing my bounty of plants, I’ve been giving away some oddball things on the local “free” site, on and off all year. An enamel baker’s rack. An extra crock pot. Children’s winter wear. Eight tank tops in a rainbow of colors. A teeny, tiny frying pan. Dishes, Knick-knacks. Suitcases. A case of cat food. You would be surprised what items some people are interested in. The last thing I gifted was a box of jam & jelly canning jars.

Even when there are some pretty cool things being offered, I am trying not to respond to anything from the free site because I don’t want to accumulate more stuff. The few things I have been interested in, I’ve either pulled myself away from or missed out on to others who claimed them first. Someone did gift me a Disney princess dress from “Frozen” for my granddaughter, who put it on and spun around the house loudly singing “Let It Go!” That was very satisfying, and pretty much the extent of it, until this week, when I saw something I really could use.

I had this great memory foam neck pillow that I always took on long plane flights. We racked up a whole lot of air miles together – it pretty much went all over the world with me. My neck always hurts, so years ago I had decided to invest in a good one. The pillow had enough substance to it that if you were stuck in the upright position in some hellish economy seat for hours on end and were keeling over with exhaustion, you could even put it on the tray in front of you, lean forward and sort of face-plant into it for a little while and it would support you. Washable cover, little pockets for ear plugs and sleep mask, snaps so it could attach to your suitcase.

So I’m in the airport in Casablanca, in a very, very, very long queue of people, five minutes to boarding, when one of my traveling companions decides to suddenly look for a bathroom, says “Here, watch my stuff” and takes off. I need to say that I am seriously not into the last minute before boarding “watch my stuff” thing when traveling with people. I cannot tell you how many times this has happened to me. If there is lots of time, fine, but when it gets close to boarding, please take your own bags with you.

As the line moves forward, I am awkwardly dragging both my stuff and their stuff along with me, getting closer and closer to actually entering the plane, until I am right up front and there is still no sign of my friend. I start letting other people ahead of me, over and over again, until at the very last minute my friend shows up and we board. Once on the plane, I discover that it is both difficult to find a space to stash our carry-ons, as all the overhead bins are full, and also the sad fact that somewhere out on the terminal floor lies my very comfy neck pillow, which had somehow fallen off my bag and is now gone (I think airport terminals are probably littered with lost neck pillows). I was pretty bummed out. It was a long, uncomfortable and somewhat bizarre flight home, which included trying to accommodate an elderly couple seated next to me who were having some problems but apparently only spoke in dialect – perhaps Darija – which I could not translate on my phone (we fumbled but we managed).

I did finally get another pillow, but it was never as good. I decided I really didn’t need a neck pillow anyway, until recently, because my neck has been killing me – I wake up with a headache almost every day lately. Suddenly I wished I had that exact pillow to stick under my neck at night.

So I couldn’t believe it when there was someone giving away- for free! – that exact same neck pillow – brand new and never used!!!! I immediately said I was “interested”, but apparently a woman responded to claim it one minute ahead of me and it was being gifted to her instead. Ironically, the woman who had claimed it first was the same one who I had just gifted my box of jam jars to the day before. Oh well. I figured it was meant to be. Until that evening, when the giver contacted me and said if I wanted it to come get it. Which I did! I had to wonder if the first woman, the one who took my jam and jelly jars, passed it on to me because of that. I’ll never know. I will say I am gratefully enjoying my new neck pillow.

by Wit & Whistle

The other mild flurry of activity refers to the holiday season. As usual, I’m a little behind on my card situation and I don’t know if that is going to happen at all this year. I’ve never been very good about cards. I buy these lovely, artistic cards for people, sometimes with the exact person in mind, put them away for an event, and then forget to send them. Speaking of cards, while I was out doing a little bit of holiday shopping, this card caught my attention. I had to laugh at the timing and subject. If I was somebody else I probably would have sent this card to me.

The gifts that need to be sent across the country have been mostly mailed off. The kids and grandkids have been taken care of. I don’t really want or need anything. I guess some repairs around the house would be nice. When my children asked me what I wanted for Christmas, it was pretty easy. All I want is to spend time with them. I just want to be in the presence of the people I love.

a bug catcher

When they asked me if there was a particular “thing” that I wanted, after some thought I told them that a “humane bug catcher” is something I have actually thought about for a few years. It’s an inexpensive device that allows you to catch the spider (or whatever) in your house and then you can put it outside (or wherever) without killing it. If it actually works, it sounds pretty cool and useful. So we will see if I get a bug catcher under the tree this year.

As I read back, I can see this post is kind of all over the place, a low-key flurry in my head. The snow is still steadily falling. The afternoon is winding down. Since I sat down to write, the ground has become lightly blanketed, the tree branches are clotted with white clumps of cotton. There is that hush that snowfall brings. It is very cozy inside – a good afternoon for making brownies or curling up with a book. If there is enough fresh snow later, perhaps I’ll have some maple syrup snow tonight. I’m starting to get a little hungry….. some reheated leftover wonton soup sounds good.


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