Boom! It’s only mid-April and already the grass on this little patch of front yard suddenly got so dense that I realized I better mow it now, before it gets too difficult to push through. Has Spring come on with such sudden speed, or is it my age that just makes it seem as if it is going faster?

Unseasonably warm, we’ve finished with the earliest blooms. The Snowdrops, Crocuses and Scilla have already blown past.


There is still some Hellebore left, bowing their heads in the shadiest of spots.

The Daffodils have all opened, shining their happy little suns throughout the yard. I think the heat will finish them in the upcoming week.

Boom! Clusters of Grape Hyacinth carpet the borders in purple and blue, all along the house and around the trees.

Boom! The Spirea returns!

Boom and yay! The young Sugar Maple tree that was planted last year to replace the Linden is off to a good start. The sky was so blue this morning that it almost didn’t look real.

Boom! Boom! Boom! The ground phlox is popping!

And wowza Boom! Those gorgeous, prehistoric, showy Magnolia trees! I cant stop looking at them or touching them. And I ate some petals! They are so brief, in no time the ground will be littered with a thick blanket of ballet pink and browning flowers.

Boooooom! On the woodland floor I spied large pockets of Trout Lilies. It appears they are running rampant this year.

Buzzing bees, singing birds. Once again the air smells green, the scent of newness and hope. Turn, turn, turn.


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  1. Anne M - Long Island says:

    The sugar Maple blossoms are stunning ~ I love how they cascade down toward the earth.

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