I decided I was going to go to a yoga class after work tonight. It was only the second time I was going to this particular venue.   Of course, fifteen minutes before it was time to leave work,  I got held up with the kind of things that often only happen when you really are trying to get out the door. I swear, the place I work at  is like a vortex.  If you have anything you really need to do, you better do it before you arrive in the morning, because once you are there it sucks you in and you can’t get out.

Finally got on the road and realized I was going to be late for the yoga class.  I hate being late for anything.  Totally hate it.  I am an on-time type of person.  Sometimes I am even an early person, but being late stresses me out.  And who wants to walk into a yoga class after it starts, with everyone all serene and meditative?  It’s just so…obvious.   So as I am driving closer and closer, I am deciding that if I get to the parking lot and the class has started, I will just drive by and go home, but if I make it on time I will go in.  I was ambivalent at this point.

Traffic was light.  I was going to be on time.  Then I get into the parking lot and there is no place to park.  The yoga class is at a gym and this gym is always crowded at 5:30pm.  On a regular day, cars are parked haphazardly all over the embankments and any place they can manage to squeeze in.  With all the snow storms we have had, there is no place to put the snow anymore and every place has gotten very narrow.  So I circled behind a row of other cars all looking for that space. I went around twice. I even left the gym, went back up on the road and came back in again, giving it one more shot.

The Universe provided via a really good space up front that suddenly opened up, I snatched it, ran inside…and the class had already started.  I was late.  When I opened the door, it made a loud creak. I had my coat and boots on – the coat whooshed and the boots thunked.  The zipper was loud. Then I had to remember to turn off my cell phone and that made a musical tune.  The velcro strap on my mat made a rrrrrippp noise.  Then I had to find a place to squish in.  I unrolled my mat on the side against a wall (thunk), only to find there was no room to move freely. I had to get up and move, stepping around people, and finally I relocated to a spot up front.  It was all a little tense.

But then, I found that the girl on mat next to me had been at my daughter’s wedding.  It’s amazing what a friendly face can do!  Suddenly everything was OK.

So – not much to blog about in this one, just a little vignette from this afternoon.

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1 Response to Late

  1. Karen says:

    Since this (parking) scene was part of my late afternoon as well I am interested and glad to hear that you made it inside for the stretch, late or not and yes, a friendly face can make all the difference in the world!


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