I ventured out to the mall the other night in search of a purse with lots of compartments and zippers so you can find all your stuff easily.  Of course, I got side-tracked and ended up on a fruitless quest for some of those longish type shirts that will cover your rear end.  They seemed to be in style last year but suddenly I am not seeing them around as much now. Failing at that diversion, I ended up trying on some yoga pants.  Stripped down to the basics, I suddenly saw what that ruthless dressing room mirror reflected back at me…..

A SharPei. 

I am speechless.

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4 Responses to Speechless

  1. Judy says:


    How did you get a picture of my stomach?


  2. annieb says:

    My Mom called herself a SharPei the last few years.

    For a bag – go to Bagsbuy.com and look at Bagallini’s.


  3. Jane Gassner says:

    It’s incredible how quickly that happens. Like overnight.


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