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My Children Don’t Read My Blog

My children don’t read my blog. Once upon a time, perhaps about a decade ago, one of them would occasionally weigh in with a funny comment, but overall it is apparent they have little interest. I’m pretty sure they rarely, … Continue reading

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Okay, it was clearly my fault. Today started out poorly, following a week without one solid night’s sleep. Perhaps it was because I stayed up too late watching a forgettable movie with loathsome characters and a predictable outcome, but last … Continue reading

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New Morning

The calendar on my iPhone was serving me well until it appeared I was showing up for appointments on the wrong date and missing scheduled engagements.  This happened because in the process of scrolling to turn on the reminder alarms … Continue reading

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Same Time Next Year

For about the last seventeen years or so, my family and I have been invited to a New Year’s Day brunch at the home of a wonderful couple.  They tend to invite a core of their same friends year after … Continue reading

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I ventured out to the mall the other night in search of a purse with lots of compartments and zippers so you can find all your stuff easily.  Of course, I got side-tracked and ended up on a fruitless quest for some of those … Continue reading

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Radical Reversal

The parallel lines between my eyebrows appear to have deepened into a permanent number eleven, giving me a perpetual look of worry, concern or anger that I do not necessarily feel inside.  I scrutinize these changes in the mirror with surprise and … Continue reading

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