Pink Skid Marks

The current exposé of the Susan G. Komen Foundation following their defunding of Planned Parenthood has created a feeling of helplessness and enragement that I have not experienced in decades.  While formulating in my head how to address this in today’s post, I opened one of a fellow blogger that says it with truth and power, so I am redirecting my post today to Life In The Boomer Lane, where you can find an excellent read about it here, or the original source at, here.

As a survivor and one whose family has tragically been touched by this disease, I have been cringing at the Stepford Wives  pink-wash that Komen has been propagating for years.  Long overdue, it is one more pathetic statement as to how this country operates, but perhaps a good thing too that their extremist political colors are now exposed.

I have systematically been contacting the list of corporate sponsors who support Komen, and those that have responded so far have been mostly cautious or evasive.  I believe my inquiry to Dell was outsourced and then deflected by a consumer services rep in India.  If these companies support SGK, we no longer will patronize them.

To paraphrase a post I read on a breast cancer website, “Even if Komen back-tracked now, they could leave their pink skid marks for a mile and I would never go back to them”.

I hope their foundation goes down in a big, pink blaze.



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7 Responses to Pink Skid Marks

  1. Judy says:

    I agree, even though they just reversed their decision, they did it only out of fear of losing money, not because they believe what they proposed was wrong. It is sad, as they did bring enormous visibility to the issue.


    • daeja's view says:

      Oh, but there is a catch even to their “reversed” decision, which is covered in more Pink Snow. The official statement issued states that they will “honor existing grants”, which essentially means they won’t demand the money they have already granted back. They state that Planned Parenthood is free to apply again in the future, yet Karen Handel had already stated publicly that they are unlikely to receive any more grants even if they apply; the excuse given is that Planned Parenthood’s mammography services are referrals to off-site radiology labs. Their statement – they are “moving away from ‘pass-through’ services.” So it’s all a crock, really.

      You would not believe the vapid corporate responses I have been receiving from their sponsors either. Disgusting…… and frightening.


  2. Diane says:

    Thanks for the information and thoughts, even though I’m a survivor, I guess I’ve had my head in the pink sand. I’ve never particularly like Susan B. Komen Foundation, now I know why. I always check out how much of my money is used for the actual purpose of the organization before I send it on. It is amazing how many of the organizations don’t put that much into the focus of their requests for money. Never gave a dime to Komen. I’m actually more apt to give to Planned Parenthood, used to volunteer with them, (used to teach young women about birth control and how to avoid unwanted pregnancies) I also give toward cancer research in general. Think this survivor has to adopt a more militant attitude…..This whole thing totally ticks me off.


    • daeja's view says:

      Yes, and the deeper you look, the more distressing it gets. Check out their corporate sponsors – products we all use in our lives – and if these are products you spend your money on, let them know how you feel. There are better, more honest places for these giants to funnel their millions besides SG Komen directly….. like teaching hospitals, research facilities, places that directly do work with patients and survivors.


  3. annieb says:

    I have responded to the companies that have written to me and asked them to tell me where they stand. I will still get flapper bullshit I know.

    As crappy as all this is – look how fast we made a difference!!!!! Look how fast we were able to effect change!!!! Look what we did in 2 days!!!! Yes – we have a long way to go – but OMG look what we can do together – look how much stronger we all became – we shook the world.

    daeja – it has just begun. I can’t wait to see what happens next.


  4. MonaKarel says:

    No matter how they may have started out, too many of the large feel good charities exist more for their own benefit. When you realize many of the corporate sponsors produce the very products that can cause diseases, the circle comes back to bite us in the end.


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