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Pushing the Feline Envelope

There will be some people who have serious disagreements with this post.  But I’ve kind of reached a bit of saturation on the subject and feel the need say something. If you can come up with a better solution, I’m … Continue reading

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Blessings Amid the Depression

Breakfast this morning consisted of a handful of foraged chanterelle mushrooms sautéed in butter and garlic, then scrambled into two fresh eggs from a neighbor’s chickens and sprinkled with ground Himalayan pink salt and fresh peppercorn. The mushroom eggs were … Continue reading

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The Significant Other is self-employed in the construction trade and is kind of a “Mr. Fixit.”  Following a recent accident which required some surgery, the involuntary down-time has kept him home for much of the week.  He is pretty good … Continue reading

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Disposable World

There’s really no reason to get rid of my Sears Kenmore CounterCraft Food Processor if it’s still working, right?  All it needs is a replacement part. It gets taken out of its box a few times a year for some … Continue reading

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The Up Seat

Not having posted anything in a while, I really hate to pick up the blog after a hiatus by opening with a pet peeve, but I suppose this annoyance is the impetus that has provided enough kick-start to sit down … Continue reading

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No Thanks, I’ll Pack Myself

I assume the pay scale for checkers and baggers at big chain supermarkets is probably rather pathetic. Perhaps because of this, some positions are filled with less than stellar employees. But really, does anyone even train these people on how … Continue reading

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The January Bitch

Whew….. that was the crankiest of months, very glad that one is over. My rough January seemed to be set off surrounding the rescue of a spider….sort of. While having a conversation with my boss in the hallway, we simultaneously … Continue reading

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Pink Skid Marks

The current exposé of the Susan G. Komen Foundation following their defunding of Planned Parenthood has created a feeling of helplessness and enragement that I have not experienced in decades.  While formulating in my head how to address this in … Continue reading

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A Poisoned World

Recently I read that under Proposition 65 in California, artificial Christmas trees are required to carry a warning label.  There is now consideration in New York State for consumer legislation to disclose a warning indicating a lead hazard in artificial … Continue reading

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Feral Crap

I will be blunt and maybe a bit vulgar here – yesterday morning I stepped in cat shit, and that is exactly the word I screamed after stepping in it. Since there are no young children in the house at the moment, I did not yell … Continue reading

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The Shoe Extortionist

I am being threatened by someone over a pair of shoes.  It started innocently enough. It is important to first state that I have come to realize I am a shoe-a-holic. It is hard for me to digest, as I have always looked … Continue reading

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Bottle People

No sooner do we put the trash and recyclables out, and there they are – The Bottle People, picking through the bins. I can put the garbage at the curb, go in the house and walk out ten minutes later, only … Continue reading

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It has been an adjustment getting used to living in a small city, with neighbors dwelling very close by.  Most of the homes on our street, built in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s,  have weathered, stockade fences between them.  However, this house came equipped … Continue reading

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Never Mind – I’ll Tell You Later

The group is bantering witticisms back and forth and raucous laughter ensues.  I am standing among them, nodding and smiling, and my brain is working hard and at double time.  I am trying to string together the words I missed with … Continue reading

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Hit and Run

Finding out someone has hit your car and taken off is an upsetting and enraging experience.  A couple of weeks ago, my daughter called to tell me that she came out of work to find that someone had hit the … Continue reading

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Hiding the Patchouli

Hiding The Patchouli. It almost sounds like some dirty party game, doesn’t it? (but it’s not). My daughter and her husband are planning on coming for a visit with the baby, weather permitting, so I am making a point of … Continue reading

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