Excuses, Excuses…It’s Just Too Nice To Stay Inside….

OK, I admit I have been terrible regarding my blog lately.  I became distracted and wrapped up in other events and lost my discipline…..very bad for writing, because in order to write you need to Write.   But this early Spring has just been pulling me away…….as have other Very Bad Habits.

Those terrible habits include Facebook, “Words With Friend” (the Scrabble-like game), and the very latest, “Draw Something”, which is kind of a cross between Pictionary and Hangman.  So I have been glued to my Free iPad or my Smart Phone, both of which had been initially resisted with great vehemence.  Now I am addictively checking them – reading mindless posts and clicking “LIKE” here and there like a lemming… and playing these games not only with my kids, but now some of my coworkers.   And failing my blog.  I hang my head in shame………but I will try to make up for it here.

Beyond the Bad Habits, this weekend (St. Patrick’s Day) is officially the day to Plant Your Peas, or at least it has always been The Rule of Thumb around here.  The temps have hit 70 degrees, it’s sunny and breezy –  gloriously so – and the first round of peas has been planted along the fence.   It’s just too nice to stay inside…. things are blooming and so I will share my early spring garden……….

Check out the primrose poking through the leaves again!

And staying with the blue/purple theme, the Scilla has returned!!!

The Hellebore is in full bloom, when did that happen?  I was so surprised to find this today…..

Daffodils are glowing in the sun…….

Baked potatoes, sour cream and chives with dinner tonight!

Return of the Sedum –

and the first harbinger of the season, the Crocus……

Every year brings the same excitement.  Isn’t it glorious?


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4 Responses to Excuses, Excuses…It’s Just Too Nice To Stay Inside….

  1. Judy says:

    I love it. We are now seeing the brilliant violets and reds budding out of the trees here in the Pacific Northwest.The bulbs have been out for weeks. I so missed the seasonal changes these past twenty-three years.


  2. rachelle says:



  3. Love your garden! I am excited by the first robins this week as well as the greening of the grass and the begining of the buds on the trees in Maine. Two days in the 80’s already this week!!


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