“Like A Sweet Magnolia Tree…..”

Came upon this Magnolia tree yesterday.  These prehistoric beauties – fossils have been found dating back 20 million years (how cool is that!!?) –  are opening their gorgeous petals right now.   Supposedly back in those primitive times, before the bees, the Magnolia was pollinated by beetles, which is why it has those tough petals; those beetles were a lot rougher on the flowers than our delicate bees.  Their opening is always a delight, as is the thick “snow” they leave on the ground at their falling.

Since watching these trees bloom, I have what is called an “earworm”… I can’t get this Stevie Wonder song out of my head that keeps looping…………..

Like a sweet magnolia tree
My love blossmed tenderly,
My life grew sweeter through the years.


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5 Responses to “Like A Sweet Magnolia Tree…..”

  1. Sharon says:

    Fascinating! I had no idea magnolias were so old, or that they used to have to be pollinated by beetles. Really cool! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Judy says:

    Oh yea, gorgeous trees, very common in Florida. I realize I became immune to their beauty because there were so many there. They were always with white flowers there.


  3. diane says:

    I love those trees, I have some favorite ones around Pok, and here that I always watch. Have one in my yard too, always hope the faithful buds make it out without getting frozen where I am. Trees are hardy, but depending on the frosts, the blossoms don’t always make . Never knew about the beetles pretty cool.


  4. another Magnolia fan here 🙂 I’d neve rcome across those Stevie Wonder lyrics before, just perfect!


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