Cicada Love

They have arrived in some areas here, the emergence/invasion of the cicadas….pockets of ringing, singing, screaming cicadas.  Then you turn the corner to meet a vacuum of silence where there are none.

I stood among them watched them climbing the trees, singing in the leaves, climbing up, up… climbing me….and just listened and laughed…..there is something odd, and wondrous, and magical about the entire process.  Their big, buggy red eyes, their irridescent wings…..Here now, then gone for another seventeen years.

cicada love

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2 Responses to Cicada Love

  1. I absolutely love the constant sound of a gazillion cicadas. Like an invasion from outer space, it was! In the end, they were flying everywhere. bumping into windows, and crashing into trees and buildings. Now… there is silence. They are gone. It is much easier to hear the bird songs now.
    But, I must say, I did enjoy the overwhelming voice of the cicada choir while it lasted.


    • daeja's view says:

      you are right – it really is like a space invasion, with their whirring noises and their big red space bug eyes! yesterday we had to speak loudly to be heard above their sound. luckily, they go to sleep at night!


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