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More Views from the Urban Porch

I sit on the Urban Porch with iced refreshment and dog as the summer progresses. Some views remain the same and some continue to shift. The most spectacular event this month was a bit of dramatic weather. Those who know … Continue reading

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Of Summer

Standing outside watering a thirsty garden watching prisms arc through the spray under a late afternoon sun I am reduced to a child reliving the joy of running under the rainbow in the sprinkler on a hot summer day Sweet … Continue reading

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The tradition continued into the next generation when I took my three-year-old grandson blueberry picking for the first time.  With his little pail and my big one, we ventured off into the field and down the row of bushes together.  … Continue reading

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I made a blueberry pie from all those blueberries I picked. Then I ate it for breakfast two days in a row. Just because.

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Meditation in Blue

There is a place I consider somewhat sacred – a place that I have been going to for decades.  It is an orchard farm not far from my home. It has been the place I would go to pick berries, … Continue reading

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Saturday Market

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Flamingos Spotted in the Northeast!

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As a child, my father and I would occasionally enjoy a delicious glass of carrot juice together.  Many years later, he introduced me to the idea of doing some serious juicing myself when he gifted me his old Omega juice … Continue reading

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Cicada Love

They have arrived in some areas here, the emergence/invasion of the cicadas….pockets of ringing, singing, screaming cicadas.  Then you turn the corner to meet a vacuum of silence where there are none. I stood among them watched them climbing the … Continue reading

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Not quite past January and it has been so weirdly warm, an encouragement to lean so far towards the specter of Spring that I am ready to fall over.  While going through my files to locate a photo that might … Continue reading

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Sauce of the Goddesses – Time To Make The Pesto

The season is early this year, maybe due to excessive rain this summer.   The basil has peaked and it has come time to harvest before it flowers out of control and begins to wilt and fade.  It is time to put up the pesto for … Continue reading

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Some Updates for Those Who Are So Inclined

Just sitting here at the moment, sipping some refreshingly iced mint tea made with fresh mint from the garden.  That, and a secret stash of Mexican chocolate laced with cinnamon.   Momentary slice of bliss.  As the month of July winds down, … Continue reading

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Eating Phlox

Digging into the earth between the patio stones with a stick, there is a little girl in a sun-suit crouched on the ground on a blue summer morning; a morning with a tinge of humidity in the air and one which promises to … Continue reading

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The Art of Recuperation

A few days ago I had cubital tunnel surgery on my arm to free the nerve which was crushed and affecting the muscles in my hand.  It is something that has progressively been getting worse over time – something which I have … Continue reading

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It’s Fig Season and I’m In Love

Fresh figs are in season at the moment and I am in love. I have been loading up on them because their availability will be limited.  Their appearance is as exciting as the blooming of a garden flower that is fleetingly here and gone. … Continue reading

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More Garden Fireworks for July

Monarda bursting in the air…. The best Hosta blooms ever this year…… Echinacea like skyrockets……… Trumpet Flowers trumpeting on the vine…….. Gooseneck Loosestrife tumbling forth…………….. Purple Bindweed pulses with color………… July garden, in concert…………

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Garden Fireworks

The July garden comes forth with its own fireworks of texture and deep, vibrant color.

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From a Bench on Main Street

I am distracted today as I prepare for the weekend ahead, so I don’t have much to say today, but there is an image that keeps popping up in my head. A few weeks ago I had been walking down … Continue reading

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The Summer Solstice Garden

Because I have been out and about on an adventure of sorts (to share down the road), I am just going to update my blog today with what is going on in my garden on this, the Summer Solstice. Primrose … Continue reading

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What’s That Smell?

It was June, the very end of the school year.  I was taking the kids to the bus stop that morning and upon opening the front door, a waft of perfumed air drifted by me.  It was such a beautiful scent that for a … Continue reading

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