West Wind

Last night the west wind blew down all the cherry blossoms from the tree across the street. They landed on our side of the road, gathering in a lovely line of candy-pink bubblegum bliss along the curb. I was filled with child-like excitement to find this.

pink snowIlluminated by the early morning light, the petals seemed to glow, a hint of pink snow left behind after The Cat in the Hat and his friends had departed.

pink snow2I stood there with my dog and took in the magic.

pink snow3By mid-morning they had scattered and were gone.


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4 Responses to West Wind

  1. Love this post. I have been thinking a lot lately about how transitory life is, this story illustrates it beautifully. Thanks!

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  2. Rachelle says:

    Gather ye cherry blossoms while ye may!


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