Appreciation Day

My Facebook feed has been exploding with pink gorgeousness from friends doing the “oooh-ahhh” from Japan, Washington D.C. and other places around the globe. The cherry blossoms have been blooming. cherry blossoms

K. and I were reveling in the herald of Spring when she mentioned hearing that in Japan, people take off from work in order to view and celebrate the arrival of the cherry blossoms. We surmised it would be great if we did that here in our country. I did a little research, and indeed it is a big deal.  The centuries old custom of flower viewing, called Hanami, these days involves an outdoor party that can occur both in the daytime or at night beneath the blossoms, where people celebrate their beauty and the arrival of spring. cherry blossoms- national geographic

I can imagine taking a day off (or more!) to enjoy such transient splendor. Actually, wouldn’t it be wonderful if schools were closed for the day, or a field trip was organized, and employees were given the time off at the peak of these moments in order to celebrate the earthly joys? “Inhale The Lilacs Day” or “Arrival Of The Peepers Day”. “Smell The Roses Day” or “Appearance Of The Monarch Butterflies”. “The Robins Are Nesting Day!” or “The Hummingbirds Have Returned Day”.monarch butterflies

In these times where the earth is so abused, where people have their faces immersed in their smart phones and computers and are not in sync with nature, we could use days like this to get back in touch and appreciate these natural, fleeting gifts. robins eggs @ steves digicams





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2 Responses to Appreciation Day

  1. Candace Bennett says:

    nice thoughts. we are always looking out for nature’s beauties on our long walks snapping pictures. found a big magnolia tree yesterday!


  2. I’ve always loved this Japanese tradition and would welcome it gladly were it to be taken up by our country. As fast-paced as the world has become, Japan is still capable of stopping EVERYTHING to enjoy the splendour of nature and that just speaks to my soul so much. I am forever taking in the natural beauty God has fashioned for us, drinking it in until I am utterly saturated, and it does so much spiritual good. People need to take the time to look up at the clouds, to smell the air, to feel the cool dew-drenched grass beneath their feet. Perhaps it’s not so much the aging process and worldly worries that rob people of their childlike wonder, but society’s pressuring voice insisting, “THERE IS NO TIME!”

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