What’s That Smell?

It was June, the very end of the school year.  I was taking the kids to the bus stop that morning and upon opening the front door, a waft of perfumed air drifted by me.  It was such a beautiful scent that for a moment it stopped my progression and I just stood there inhaling it.  “Wow! What’s that smell?” Then it was gone.

We drove down the dirt driveway, across a highway and down another dirt road through the woods until we reached the access road where the bus was.  I had the car windows open; the scent was drifting in and out.  Looking back and forth on the road, I could not locate the source.  After the bus arrived and the precious cargo was shipped off to school, I went back up to the house, stepped out of the car, and there it was again.  I was determined to find it before I had to leave for work.

A thorough search was done around the back of the house, but it was not coming from my garden.  Heading down the drive again, I kept stopping to sniff the air like an animal.  The aroma would come and go; almost like a genie from a bottle, I could imagine swirls and tendrils of the elusive scent, invisibly uncurling.  Down the hill and out to the road again, I started walking alongside the mowed sides of the highway –  and suddenly,  there it was – wild roses.  Shrubs and shrubs and shrubs of white, wild, summer roses (Multiflora  Rose, R. multiflora).  I just stood there inhaling them. On the side of the road, a piece of heaven. I took a few sprigs with me and kept sniffing them the entire ride to work.  When I arrived at work, I discovered that these roses are everywhere.

They come in late spring for a short while, and then they are gone.   An annual treat to look forward to, I can barely get enough of their intoxication. Have you smelled them?  I am drunk on the heady scent of the wild summer roses of June.

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4 Responses to What’s That Smell?

  1. annieb says:

    It’s so cool when a perfect aroma just suddenly finds you – kind of like a gift.


  2. Diane says:

    They are certainly lovely when they bloom, and I love the scent as it drifts thru the air, HOWEVER…..let me count the scars for trying to cut them down, back, or just out from places where they are smothering trees and other things I want to grow……..You cannot ever get rid of these things-they grow as abundantly as ailanthis altisama, and are as hard to eradicate…..all that said, they can be gorgeous anywhere not in my yard;-)


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