Reminds Me Of…..

OK, I know, I know,……I realize I have been putting up a number of botanical type posts lately, but I just can’t help it.  After being inundated by relentless, ongoing days of rain, we have just been hit with a couple that would probably be considered “One of the ten best” (But how can you only choose ten? I hate such limiting lists).  There have been clear, sunny, breezy, fresh,  gorgeous days – the kind of weather that probably confirms why so many brides tend to choose June for their weddings.  So much is in bloom, which has prompted a few observations in my garden (and my friend’s gardens) this week.

The poppies, those Can-Can girls, are starting to let their petals go like so many skirts.

The Iris is the exclamation point in the garden. As I look around at the varied clumps, it is as if, during their blossoming time,  they are calling out and exclaiming, “Look! Over Here!   !!!  “

Allium in the perennial border is festive, and silly, and weird, like something from outer space.  Seeing Allium in a garden is like being in a life-size Candy Land board game.  They are the Lollipops of the garden.

And….. has anyone else ever noticed that Wisteria smells like Necco candy wafers?  It really does.

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