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A Brief Tour of This Saturday’s Market

This Saturday I met a friend for iced chai and a cheddar/chive muffin, and then took a stroll down the street to our local Farmer’s Market.  As always, the beauty of the harvest made my pulse quicken.  For those who … Continue reading

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From The Witch’s Garden

OK, I just love Hellebore.  I love that it blooms so early.  I love how the five petals (or “sepals”, actually) hold on for so long. I love the seed pods they make later on in the summer. I love … Continue reading

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Not quite past January and it has been so weirdly warm, an encouragement to lean so far towards the specter of Spring that I am ready to fall over.  While going through my files to locate a photo that might … Continue reading

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The Sedum Project

I make a visit to the grave about twice a year.  As expected, the cemetery is a quiet, green place that sits below open skies and shaded lanes lined with old trees.  Officially, two grandparents and my mother now rest there. Unofficially, my … Continue reading

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Eating Phlox

Digging into the earth between the patio stones with a stick, there is a little girl in a sun-suit crouched on the ground on a blue summer morning; a morning with a tinge of humidity in the air and one which promises to … Continue reading

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More Garden Fireworks for July

Monarda bursting in the air…. The best Hosta blooms ever this year…… Echinacea like skyrockets……… Trumpet Flowers trumpeting on the vine…….. Gooseneck Loosestrife tumbling forth…………….. Purple Bindweed pulses with color………… July garden, in concert…………

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Garden Fireworks

The July garden comes forth with its own fireworks of texture and deep, vibrant color.

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The Summer Solstice Garden

Because I have been out and about on an adventure of sorts (to share down the road), I am just going to update my blog today with what is going on in my garden on this, the Summer Solstice. Primrose … Continue reading

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Eye Candy

The irises are pretty much blown by and gone here.  Last week, my friend and I managed to make a long trek to Montclair, New Jersey to visit the Presby Memorial Iris Gardens, which sits at the bottom of Mountainside Park.   The day … Continue reading

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Reminds Me Of…..

OK, I know, I know,……I realize I have been putting up a number of botanical type posts lately, but I just can’t help it.  After being inundated by relentless, ongoing days of rain, we have just been hit with a couple that would … Continue reading

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