The Summer Solstice Garden

Because I have been out and about on an adventure of sorts (to share down the road), I am just going to update my blog today with what is going on in my garden on this, the Summer Solstice.

Primrose opens and closes with the day, in perfume.

Passion Flower – a psychedelic space eye (yes, I finally got one!).

The Monster Hosta bursts into bloom.

Spirea – pink sparkles like fairy dust.

White Astilbe spinning out like the Milky Way.

Spots of yellow sun along the ground.

Fragrant Lavendar near the chimney.

Sweet, wet summer.

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2 Responses to The Summer Solstice Garden

  1. esmeowl12 says:

    What beautiful photos! I just love the passion flower. I don’t see too many of them so I am delighted when I do. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Diane says:

    Garden is looking lovely, everything doing so well. Just back from London and Wales, and mine is very in need of some TLC. Thanks for sharing, lovely photo’s


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