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The Sedum Project

I make a visit to the grave about twice a year.  As expected, the cemetery is a quiet, green place that sits below open skies and shaded lanes lined with old trees.  Officially, two grandparents and my mother now rest there. Unofficially, my … Continue reading

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Two Wakes and a Birthday Party

Two wakes and a birthday party in one week.  It’s enough to really give you pause for thought.  One woman was the mother of a co-worker.  The other one was a neighbor, not much older than I am now.  A … Continue reading

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Dinner Club for the Anti-Socialites

Adjusting from a rural/exurb environment to a small city has been a very big head realignment for me.  There are many things I have had trouble embracing about relocating into the House of the Significant Other, but the one thing this urban scene has going for it … Continue reading

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Ornaments of the Heart

December 31, 2010 It’s the first holiday in decades where we did not celebrate at home and the first year I have had to alternate the holiday, since my daughter has gotten married and has informed me that the rules … Continue reading

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